5 Manchester Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year again when we struggle to find the perfect gift for loved ones. What to buy the person who has everything or that friend who says they don;t care but you know that they really do.

We’ve put a list of Manchester inspired Christmas gift ideas together. We hope it helps.

Manchester Bee Gifts

The Manchester bee has become a symbol of resilience and unity, representing the city’s spirit in the face of challenges. Gift your loved ones a piece of Mancunian pride with Manchester bee merchandise. From cozy hoodies and stylish tote bags to delicate jewelry, there are countless options adorned with this iconic emblem. Not only do these items make for thoughtful gifts, but they also carry a powerful message of strength and community.
You can shop online at the Manchestershop.

Locally made arts and crafts gifts

The Northern Quarter is a hub of creativity and innovation in Manchester. Explore local artisanal markets and boutique stores to discover handcrafted goods that make for unique and memorable Christmas gifts. Consider items such as handmade candles, bespoke ceramics, or locally produced artwork. By choosing artisanal goods from the Northern Quarter, you not only support local artists and makers but also give a one-of-a-kind present that reflects the city’s creative energy.

Head to our friends at the Manchester craft and design centre on Oak street and see what you can find.

Manchester Gin or Craft Beer gift sets

For those who appreciate the finer things in life, a Manchester gin, rum or craft beer set is an ideal Christmas gift. We’ve got a thriving craft beverage scene, with numerous distilleries and breweries producing high-quality libations. Create a custom gift set featuring a bottle of Manchester gin, a selection of craft beers from local breweries, and perhaps a bottle of the legendary Salford rum. It’s a tasteful way to share the distinctive flavours of Manchester and the surrounding area with friends and family.

The Gift of Music

Manchester has a rich musical heritage, from the legendary sounds of Oasis to the iconic venues that have hosted countless performances. Gift the music lover in your life a piece of Manchester’s sonic history with memorabilia from their favourite artists or concerts. This could include vintage concert posters, limited edition vinyl records, or even tickets to upcoming shows. It’s a thoughtful nod to the city’s cultural significance in the world of music.

Food and Drink Gift Vouchers

If your loved one is a real food lover then what better gift than a food tour voucher for one of our food tours in Manchester. We’ve got vouchers for join in tours as well as private tours for those special occassions. You can easily buy vouchers which have a full 6 month expiry so you can wait until the weather gets a bit warmer. If there’s a special occassion please let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

Click here to buy vouchers


Manchester Christmas Bee

New Century Hall.

New century hall is a name synonymous with Manchester’s music scene.

Built in 1963 the venue played host to names like Jimmy Hendrix, The Bee Gees, The Rolling Stones and Tina Turner. It was famous for having both excellent acoustics and a sprung dance floor.

As Manchester’s music scene changed the venue hosted many an acid-house party in the 80’s.

It was in the latter part of the 20th century that the area around New century hall became an almost forgotten part of Manchester. While other parts of the city were being developed the area we now know as NOMA was very much left alone. Businesses moved to more attractive area’s and the New century development was left behind.

Last year a relaunch occurred and once more New Century hall was on the lips of those in the know of where to go. Being a listed building has meant that many of the original interior remains. The dance floor is still the original spring version. The lights still date back to the early 60’s.

The line up will always be eclectic. The bard of Salford John Cooper Clarke has performed here since the relaunch. As have countless up and coming bands as well as some more familiar names such as The Charlatans. It’s a venue that is breathing new life into an already thriving music and art scene here in Manchester.

New Century Food Hall

New Century hall is also where you can find one of Manchester’s newest food and drink venues. Right underneath the dance floor on the ground level is New Century Kitchen.

8,000 square foot of independent food and drink retailers make this a must see destination for any food lovers in Manchester. Local names such as Spice Yard and Zumuku sushi are firm favourites with the crowds. In the centre of the kitchens you’ll find a bar offering local beers and spirits and some great inernational choices as well.

Evening Food Tour

We’ve been asked by quite a few of our clients if we’d put together and evening food tour of Manchester. New Century hall is going to be the starting point for this new project. Amazing, local food in one of Manchester’s most historical buildings. What’s not to love?

To reserve your spot on our new evening food tour, send us an email and we’ll share all of the information.

New Century Hall Entrance

Manchester Events 2023.

Manchester has a lot to look forward to in 2023. Here’s our top 5 events that we can’t wait for.

Ashes Cricket comes to Manchester.

Let’s face it, we are very lucky here with sporting events. Football is our main passion but we’re also blessed with rugby teams, golf courses and one of the country’s best test match cricket venues. Australia are the visiting team this year and the test match begins on 19th July. There’ll be a great atmosphere in the city and we’re expecting a lot of hungry Aussies to join our food tours.

Manchester International Festival.

It’s back. The Manchester International Festival begins at the end of June and is an 18 day festival full of events and performances. Since it’s first edition in 2007 the festival has attracted some of the world’s greatest artists to our city. Events are being announced as we get nearer the summer but keep your eye on https://factoryinternational.org/whats-on/mif-23/ and grab the most popular tickets first.

Manchester Music Festivals.

As everyone knows we love our music here in Manchester. Every summer the city is a hotbed of concerts and festivals. bands from around the world love performing here and we love having them. One of the most talked about gigs is Manchester’s own The Courteeners playing at Heaton park in June. June also sees The Arctic Monkeys, Cold Play and Elton John in town.

New Places to eat.

Manchester’s food scene id constantly evolving. 2023 promises some exciting new openings for our food scene. One that we’re really looking forward to is Disorder in the Northern Quarter. We’re excited because it’s on our food tour route. It promises a mixture of Japanese bar food and Mancunian music. What more do you need?

Manchester Museum opens again in February.

The Manchester museum is over 130 years old and houses some amazing artefacts of natural and and human history. Over the past years the museum has undergone a £15 million refurbishment. The museum re-opens in February. Expect a Chinese cultural gallery, a dinosaur display and a Belonging Gallery which tells the story of the first climate migrants to arrive in the area.

There are literally thousands of events going on in the city this year. Plenty to look forward to. We love hosting our food tours and showing visitors some of our favourite eating places in the city. If you’re coming to Manchester for an event we’d love to show you round. Find out more on our tours page and we’ll hopefully see you this year.

An art installation in Manchester 2021 for the International Festival.

The best pizza in Manchester.

The best pizza in Manchester has been a subject of great debate amongst locals and visitors alike over the past few years. The pizza boom that the city has experienced over the past decade has brought some of the country’s finest artisans to our streets.
We’ve done the hard work and tried them all and here’s some of our favourites.

Rudy’s Pizza

Rudy’s pizza consistently rates as one of the city’s favourite pizzas. In 2015 owners Jim Organ and Kate Wilson opened their first site in Ancoats, where our canals to canapes food tour explores. Rudy’s wood fired pizzas quickly gained a reputation and people flocked to the restaurant. 7 years on and Rudy’s hasn’t just expanded across the vity but now also has branches across the country.
One of the reasons for the amazing success of Rudy’s is their attention to detail for their pizza. The neapolitan style was so strictly adhered to that even the ovens were sourced in Naples. The dough is double fermented over 24 hours giving the end result an authentic floppiness. Classic Margheritas sit alongside flavours like the Meridio which is a white pizza with butternut squash, chillis, red onion and sun dried tomatoes. Our favourite is the Cinghiale which has wild boar salami and nduja.


The biggest compliment we can pay Nell’s is that we’ve included them on some of our food tours. We were a bit nervous at first as we worried that people can easily find pizzas across the city and perhaps it’s not why you’d join a food tour. However we repeatedly get rave reviews from our guests about the pizza. New York inspired, Manchester made is their tagline. The 100% organic English flour provides a crispy base that you just don’t find on other pizzas in the city. Owner Jonny Heyes wanted to escape the strict rules of the Neaplitan pizza and create a unique Mancunian product. Over the years they’ve gone from strength to strength and have just opened up at Kampus.
Recently to celebrate 20 million downloads of one of his songs, Lewis Capaldi ate a whole Nell’s pizza. The flavour was their speciality called “Do you Roni Honey” which is a pepperoni pizza with a drizzling of honey. If you haven’t tried it yet, get down to Nell’s and give it a go.

Crazy Pedros

Crazy Pedros is an institution in Manchester. As the name suggests not much is normal in the world of Crazy Pedro and that’s why we love it. These guys are serious about their pizzas. So much so that before they opened they tested no less than 20 different pizza doughs. The original Pedro’s opened in 2014 on Bridge street and ever since they’ve been famous for their wierd and wonderful ingredients. World famous hot dog pizza, and the KFC pizza are amongst the favourites. One thing that Pedro’s also shines at are their cocktails. The mix of great drinks, amazing pizzas and pretty low prices has made them a firm favourite across Manchester.

Book a food tour of Manchester

We could go on forever talking about our favourite pizza joints in the city. Hopefully these 3 have given you a taste of what the city offers. One thing we know about Manchester is that we are blessed with hard working, creative chefs and owners who are opening up new venues all the time.
If you’d like to explore more of Manchester’s food scene why not get yourself on one of our award winning food tours. We explore the Northern Quarter and Ancoats over a 3 hour period. Stopping off at 6 different food vendors along the way. Perfect for friends, family and even corporate groups. You can find out more about our canals to canapes tour here.

A slice of pizza from Nells

Team Building Food Tours

As 2022 comes to a close we are yet again busy hosting team building events in Manchester.
Our team building food tours are a unique alternative to the more mudane end of year get togethers.

Why sit in a dull restaurant or bar when you could be exploring the back streets of Manchester. Visiting some of the city’s most loved food and drink establishments.

Each of our corporate tours are specifically tailored to suit your team’s needs. One of our team will meet you and discuss all of your needs. From dietary requriements to even creating tours based on certain themes.

Our corporate tour team is on hand to make sure everything runs to plan and you and your team have a memorable experience.

Why a food tour is great for team building?

Food is always a great medium for people to bond and interact. Everyone has a favourite dish or cuisine and we all have memories that are evoked when certain tastes and smells hit our senses. As such hosting a team building event based around food is always a guarantee for a memorable, enjoyable experience for your team.

We’ve all been to those events where we need to step out of our comfort zones and in reality most people either don’t show up or do the minimum we can.

With food everyone is equal. We all have likes and dislikes and everyone can fell comforatble and relaxed.

So how do we do it?

Over the past 2 years our team of food tour guides has been leading groups around Manchester city centre. Eating, drinking, sharing stories and generally having a great time.

We’ve got great relationships with local vendors, restaurants and bars and as such we can hire out places, have special dishes prepared and even host hands on experiences. We know where the best bites are and we know the people who make them.

We’ve hosted groups of all sizes and from all different types of businesses.

Anything’s possible, just get in touch with us manchester@bitestours.com.Each of our corporate tours visits 6 locally run, independent businesses. So not only are you and your team having a unique Mancunian experience but you’re also supporting the local food and drink economy.

How to reserve your team’s next outing.

If you’d like to find out more inforamtion about bringing your team on one of our tours please just get in touch. manchester@bitestours.com

A corporate team enjoying one of our food tours

What do people eat in Manchester?

Manchester is one of the UK’s most multi – cultural cities. So what do people eat in Manchester? From our world famous curry mile, to the new up and coming Mexican food trucks, you’ll find us eating everything at all times of the day.

Manchester’s food communities.

On our Canals to Canapes food tour we like to talk about the communities that have made their home here in Manchester. One of the most important communities is the Caribbean community. After world was 2 many residents of the Caribbean came over to England to start new lives. Moss Side, an area to the south of the city was the main focal point for the community and still remains so to this day. Of course these new immigrants brought their food with them and the west Indian food scene has been an ever present in Manchester ever since.

Back in the 70’s and 80’s if you wanted to sample some of the best West Indian cooking you’d often have to go to private houses. Many small businesses were set up in West Indian homes and finding them could be difficult. Taxi drivers were always a good source of information as to who was knocking out the best jerk chicken or curried goat. Today Manchester has a vibrant West Indian restaurant scene.

Places like Rad’s in Ancoats feed their loyal fans until they sell out. Have a look here for some inspiration of where to get the best Caribbean food in the city.

Manchester’s Chinatown

Another community who have thrived in Manchester is our Chinese community. Did you know that Manchester has the second largest Chinatown in the UK?
Chinatown is well worth a visit when you’re in the city. Old favourites like the Yang Sing have been feeding us Mancunians some of the best Chinese food in the UK for generations. Over time and with new arrivals into the city Chinatown has also become home to some of the best Japanese and Thai restaurants in the North West.

English food classics

Whilst we love eating food from all over the world we also love our old school, local dishes. One of our favourite English dishes is the good old pie. The Great North Pie company are about to open up in the city centre and we can’t wait to try their award winning beef and ale pie with some creamy mash potatoe and a pint of Manchester Ale.

Did you know that Manchester introduced vegetarianism to the UK? In fact, in the south of the city the vegetarian society runs weekly cooking classes. The city has some amazing vegetarian and vegan places. On our vegan tour we try out some of these spots. One of our favourites is V rev in Ancoats.

If you’d like to explore Manchester and some of it’s amazing food vendors why not join our Canals to Canapes tour.

a pie and pint. popular dish in Manchester