When can we visit Manchester? Our food tours are “Good to Go” certified.

When can we visit Manchester, or anywhere in the UK? That’s the question we’re all wondering about at the moment.
Manchester, like the rest of the UK is currently in our 3rd period of lockdown. We are once again all sat at home, working on our laptops or catching up on Netflix.

It looks like this situation will remain like this until at least March. Hopefully then the vaccine will have been effective enough and we can all look forward to a summer like no other. Until then though Manchester Bites food tours have been put on hold. Instead we are designing new experiences and spending time in our kitchens trying to replicate some Manchester food favourites.

The Good to Go Certificate

There is some good news though.
We are pleased to announce that Manchester Bites food tours have received the Good to go certificate from Visit England tourist board. The certificate is given to tourist businesses who have adhered to all covid guidelines to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for their guests. Observing social distancing, wearing masks when necessary and providing hand sanitizers and gels.

These have become the way of life for tour operators all over the world. Visit England is keen to promote those businesses that are serious in looking after their guests. We are delighted to be recognised as such.

So, when can we visit Manchester?

All being well it looks like restrictions will begin to ease sometime in March. There will more than likely be a slow easing with areas dropping tiers every few weeks. Our first guests will be domestic tourists from around the UK. We can’t wait to show you our Manchester and the food that feeds us all. We’ll be re-opening for bookings soon enough. You can book your future food tour at www.manchesterbites.com/tours

Until then stay safe and we’ll see you all soon.

Good to Go certificate given to all tour companies that are practising safe covid measures.