Guided food tour of Manchester. Why it’s the best way to explore our city.

Guided food tours are an amazing way to explore new cities. Not only do you have your very own local to show you around, you also get to try the best in local delicacies. Here’s 5 reasons you should take a guided food tour of Manchester.

Be guided to the best food on your tour.

Manchester is constantly changing. New bars, restaurants and eating places are always popping up here and there. Our local food team is always on the look out for new hot spots that you just can’t miss. On our guided food tour we will always take you to our favourite eating spots. The places that tell the story of Manchester. Some of these are really hard to find. Even some locals struggle to find them. Taking a guided food tour takes this stress off you.

Support local food businesses.

All of our food tours support only locally owned and run businesses. This means that your money is going straight back into our food heroes. 2020 has been really tough for many of these businesses. So why not show some support when you visit a new city.

Avoid the tourist traps.

None of us want to fall into the tourist traps but it is sometimes easier said than done. Taking a Manchesterbites guided food tour will get you away from the busy hotspots on the main strips. We want to take you to our favourite places. The places that tell a story, the places that are part of Manchester folklaw.

It’s not just food

All of our guided food tours are full of lots of fun and fascinating info. Our friendly guides are all well versed in Manchester’s history. Our food tour passes by historical spots and even some film sets. As our guided tour winds its way through the back streets you’ll here famous local stories and legends. Great fun for everyone in the group.

The most authentic experience

Our guided food tours are all run in small groups. We want to blend in with the locals. Each tour is led by a local food and Manchester loving guide. As a result you are guaranteed an authentic Mancunian experience. You’ll be sat down with Mancs, eating what us Mancs love to eat and hearing the stories we are so proud of.

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