Team Building Food Tours

As 2022 comes to a close we are yet again busy hosting team building events in Manchester.
Our team building food tours are a unique alternative to the more mudane end of year get togethers.

Why sit in a dull restaurant or bar when you could be exploring the back streets of Manchester. Visiting some of the city’s most loved food and drink establishments.

Each of our corporate tours are specifically tailored to suit your team’s needs. One of our team will meet you and discuss all of your needs. From dietary requriements to even creating tours based on certain themes.

Our corporate tour team is on hand to make sure everything runs to plan and you and your team have a memorable experience.

Why a food tour is great for team building?

Food is always a great medium for people to bond and interact. Everyone has a favourite dish or cuisine and we all have memories that are evoked when certain tastes and smells hit our senses. As such hosting a team building event based around food is always a guarantee for a memorable, enjoyable experience for your team.

We’ve all been to those events where we need to step out of our comfort zones and in reality most people either don’t show up or do the minimum we can.

With food everyone is equal. We all have likes and dislikes and everyone can fell comforatble and relaxed.

So how do we do it?

Over the past 2 years our team of food tour guides has been leading groups around Manchester city centre. Eating, drinking, sharing stories and generally having a great time.

We’ve got great relationships with local vendors, restaurants and bars and as such we can hire out places, have special dishes prepared and even host hands on experiences. We know where the best bites are and we know the people who make them.

We’ve hosted groups of all sizes and from all different types of businesses.

Anything’s possible, just get in touch with us of our corporate tours visits 6 locally run, independent businesses. So not only are you and your team having a unique Mancunian experience but you’re also supporting the local food and drink economy.

How to reserve your team’s next outing.

If you’d like to find out more inforamtion about bringing your team on one of our tours please just get in touch.

A corporate team enjoying one of our food tours

Where to buy the best fresh fish in Manchester.

A common question our food tour guides are asked is “Where to buy the best fresh fish in Manchester?”
One of the many benefits of the UK food scene is that as an island we have a fantastic array of seafood to enjoy. Fish and chips is probably our most famous dish and us Brits eat a whopping £1.2 billion worth per year of the dish.
Over time our tastes and expectations in the kitchen have evolved. Now Brits are not just diving for the cod and haddock but more exotic species such as bass, skate and sole. Many people are understanding the healthy benefits of eating more fish and TV chefs such as Rick Stein and Mark Hix are showing the nation how to easily cook and enjoy the catch of the day.

Whales Fish Market in Manchester’s Arndale

On our food tour of Manchester we explore a small corner of Manchester’s Arndale shopping centre. This is a real locals spot, away from the glitzy and fashionable shops. The fish market has been here since most of us can remember. Growing up it was always the best place to visit as it was full of noise, smells and sights you’d never seen. City chefs would come here early in the morning to bag the best fish but there has always been plenty left for us home cooks.

Whales fish market sits right in the middle of the market and has what seems like an ever increasing supply of seafood. Fresh crabs, lobsters, scallops are all displayed over the ice cubed counters. Huge salmon from Scotland, fresh trout and mackerel are all available alongside dozens of other species. This is where to buy the best fresh fish in Manchester.

Explore Manchester’s food scene

If you’d like to explore more of Manchester’s food scene why not join one of our unique food tours. Over 3 hours we’ll traverse the back streets of the city, stopping in at some of our favourite local businesses. Try dishes representing Manchester’s past, present and future and meet the chefs and owners that feed the city. You can book your food tour here
Each tour supports the local food industry as well as our local tourism community.

A wide shot of Whales fish market in the Arndale centre

Chinatown Manchester. Where to eat and some history.

Chinatown Manchester is the second biggest in the UK after London. It is right in the middle of the city, between Piccadilly gardens and St Peter’s square. A great place to eat and shop for exotic groceries, it’s a must visit when you’re in Manchester.

A little bit of Chinatown history

In the early part of the 20th century Manchester welcomed it’s first Chinese settlers. Many of whom worked in the laundry industry.This was the birth of Chinatown Manchester. After the second world war Manchester experienced a lot of immigration. People came from around the world taking advantage of the British Nationality Act. Britain needed more people for it’s post war workforce. One group of people who came were the Chinese. Most came to Manchester from Hong Kong, the Cantonese region of China. As a result a lot of us locals refer to Cantonese food as Chinese food. In fact Chinese food comes in many different regional forms.

Manchester’s Chinatown today

The most striking thing about Chinatown is Paifang archway on Faulkner street. This huge Chinese arch was built in China and shipped to Manchester in 1986 in 3 seperate parts. The arch is a gift to the Chinese community from Manchester City Council.
There are a lot of different restaurants to eat at around the area. You’ll notice that it’s not just Chinese restaurants. There’s Thai, Vietnamese and even Japanese here. One reason for this is the local Asian grocery stores. You can buy things here that you can’t find in normal grocery stores in the UK.

Where to eat in Chinatown

For many of us Mancunians we have our favourite go to places to eat in Chinatown Manchester. Old school restaurants like The Yang Sing on Princess street have been serving us for decades. Manchester’s palate has matured over the years. We now have many speciality Chinese restaurants such as Hunan on George street. Here the food is from the Hunan area of China, so spicier than Cantonese food. There’s also Red n Hot on Faulkner street for those looking for that Szechuan spice kick. Yuzu is a popular Japanese spot with a great sake bar.

Weird fact about Chinatown Manchester

On George street there is a small building called the Guardian Telephone Exchange. This was built in the late 50’s and sits at the entrance to a 4 mile network of underground tunnels. The tunnels were to house officials and workers in the event of a nuclear attack during the cold war. Similar tunnels were in place in London and Birmingham. Apparently, the tunnels were dug by Polish workers. The Poles couldn’t speak any English so there was less risk of anyone knowing they were there.

If you’d like to explore Manchester book on one of our food tours. Our food tours take you around the city centre on a 3 hour walking and eating adventure. We’ll tell you the story of Manchester’s communities and eat their food. Go to for more details.

The arch in Manchester's Chinatown

Pancho’s Burritos. Manchester’s Mexican street food.

Mexican street food is some of the best in the world. In Manchester we have one of the best Mexican street food joints in the whole of the UK, Pancho’s Burritos. Pancho’s can be found in the Arndale food court, just near the food market. We talk quite a lot about this hidden gem of a market in Manchester. It is tucked away at the back of the Arndale centre and as a result a lot of locals don’t even know it exists. We go there on our food tour of Manchester and it’s always a firm favourite.

How Pancho’s burritos came to Manchester

Enrique Martinez is the man behind Pancho’s burritos. He was born in Mexico city and was surrounded by some of the best street food in the world from an early age. Enrique had the opportunity to study in Manchester in 2006. It was then that he met his now wife Collette a local girl. After a few years living back in Mexico they both decided to move back over to Manchester and start a Mexican street food business. Pancho’s was born.

Unlike a lot of small food businesses that have to move around the city, Pancho’s has been in the Arndale since day one. Now ten years later they have a great reputation in the city. They now have a catering business and are busy every weekend with private events.

Their secret is to keep everything fresh. Salads, salsas, guacamoles, even the breads are made fresh daily. The UK public is now more aware of what authentic Mexican food is compared to Tex Mex gimmicks. Places like Pancho’s are giving us that authentic experience and Manchester is a better place for it.

How you can enjoy Pancho’s

You can find Pancho’s at the Arndale food market in Manchester. Go in using the high street entrance.

If you’d like to learn more about Manchester, come and explore it on our food tour. Manchesterbites food tours tell the story of the city and the characters that feed us. for more info.

Panchos burritos in Manchester Arndale Market.

The story of Manchester’s Town Hall.

Arguably one of the most famous buildings in Manchester is our town hall. The town hall was opened in 1877 and cost about a million pounds which is a huge amount of money. The architecture is Victorian, Neo-gothic style. At the moment the building is closed for renovations that aren’t due to be finished until 2024.

The centre of Manchester’s Industrial Revolution

The town hall is one of fifteen grade 1 listed buildings in the city. If you look to the very top of the bell tower you will see a spiky golden globe. This represents 2 things. The first is a ripe cotton seed. Manchester is of course famous for it’s cotton industry. The second representation is that of the sun. The sun never set on Manchester’s cotton empire. You can imagine back in the industrial revolution days, this was one of the world’s great seats of power.

The town hall is in the centre of Manchester. At the front of the hall is Albert Square. This has been the location for many of Manchester’s great celebrations such as Christmas light switch ons and Manchester United’s many trophy parties. We have also seen sadness here. Manchester gathered in Albert square the day after the 2017 Arena bombing to pay tribute to those who died.

Behind the town hall is St Peter’s square and our famous Central library.

Many of you might recognize Manchester’s town hall from TV and films. Due to it’s unique architecture and it’s proximity to media city it is often used for filming. Films such as Sherlock Holmes and the Iron lady were filmed here. Amongst the many TV shows that have filmed here include A very English scandal.

If you would like to learn more about Manchester and the people that make it tick book a food tour with us.